Super Micro Greens - Educational Programs

Lets change the world together one seed at a time!

Our founder Ian's passion for education is second only to his love of growing amazing food.

Super Micro Greens has been working with local schools for years to develop a universal education program

Simplifying the process to a 1st grade level allowing kids of all ages to participate. Our plan is to provide the curriculum free to download and purchasable in hard copy. This will enable the most kids of all ages around the world to learn and grow food at the most local level self.

The focus of the universal curriculum

is how to grow food and simple recipes

The universal curriculum will be available for free to download and for a small fee in print. Proceeds will go to providing curriculum to students free of charge.

The future needs everyone to understand how food is grown and we are committed to bridging the gap.

Most people are four generations removed from the family farm.
Only two percent of Americans are farmers.


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