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Not only are our greens available for daily harvest, it’s also super customizable and will definitely wow your customers and friends. Get them now!


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Super Micro Greens are sold by the tray pre-cut
 each tray is approximately .5 – 1.5 pounds based on variety. Call for special wholesale pricing and availability.
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We also now sell a wide variety of Micro Green Coleslaw’s and Micro Green Supplements Call for details.

Seed List

Featured Standards Exotics
Parsley Chervil, Curved Endive, Broadleaf Batavia
Kale, Red Russian Broccoli Endive, Green Curled Ruffec
Kohlrabi, Purple Vienna SMG Basic Salad Mix* Beet, Detroit Dark Red
Lettuce, Parris Island SMG Spicy Salad Mix** Basil, Genovese
Lettuce, Waldmann’s Brussels Sprouts, Long Island Chard, Swiss Ruby Red
Mustard, Red Giant Red Clover Chard, Swiss Rainbow
Cabbage, Golden Acre Mustard, Southern Giant Cress, Curled
Cabbage, Red Acre Collard Greens, Vates Cress, Upland
Radish, Daikon Rutabaga Green Pea
Pak Choi Turnip Speckled Pea
Yellow Mustard Cumin