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Dear customers and stakeholders,

The time for change is now and we need you to help us "Change the world one seed at a time".

In order to meet that commitment, we will be donating all produce moving forward to local charities and hunger relief agencies. We would like to acknowledge everyone that is taking the time to focus on the betterment of the larger US.

After weeks of quarantine and reflection, we are left with one large question.

How can Super Micro Greens continue to help the community and the food system as a whole?

Our business was founded on the pursuit of developing systems to help others enter the field of growing with the best tools and knowledge that we can provide. In recent years our production has taken priority. The time is now to reach back to our roots and organize our knowledge to share to the masses.

By partnering with our larger community we will be developing educational tools to facilitate knowledge of our food systems from seed to plate. We will be doing this through content in the form of lectures, quizzes, kits etc. Providing education can change peoples lives!

We all can grow together through knowledge and food production. More information to be released on 4-20-2020. Our goal is to bring awareness to food and nutrition while enabling small scale growing anywhere.

How can you help?
By promoting our content and other growers/educators.
Growing your own victory garden
Provide stability to your own community's food system
Learning more about how, where and by who our food is grown.
We will be accepting donations*

*While we are filing for our 501c3 status our hope is to find a partner charity to collect donations for us. Donations can still be made, but while we are waiting for status they will not be tax-deductible.

Donations can be sent to: paypal.me/SuperMicroGreens
or by mail: Super Micro Greens, 1040 E New York St, Indianapolis, IN,46202

What will Super Micro Greens be doing in the coming months?
Producing food to donate to local charities and hunger relief agencies
Producing educational content to be shared publicly free of charge
Develop an educational kit for schools/homes/businesses
Fundraising to provide above free services
Creating fundraising campaigns for future services
Applying for grants to increase the scope and reach of the educational content

Please stay safe, self-quarantine if possible, and wash your hands.

Ian Mott Super Micro Greens (812) 993 0440 ian@supermicrogreens.com Supermicrogreens.com
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Do you need a mask?

You can order a very cool new 3d printed mask frame to make your own masks at home.

“The Project is manufacturing durable injection molded DIY face mask frames for heath care providers, elderly individuals, and those with greatest need.  This 6-pack features two of each size: Large for the average male adult, Medium for the average female adult, and small for children.  Just add your own filter media (numerous options) to build an improvised face mask.  We are paying the shipping costs for Indiana customers.”

Order Here


Microponics is a nutrientless method of growing focused on flavor.

Ideal microclimate
Ideal microclimate

Controlling every aspect of the micro environment using the latest sensors, software and analytics.


We plant educational seeds with curriculum focused on the dignity, health, well being, empowerment and overall knowledge of the individual.


Water is life!
Microponics uses 95-98% less water than traditional agriculture.

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We are Super  Micro Greens, We Know Flavor & Plants!

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We grow all plants and planters our selves maintaining a staff of growers, artisans, designers, and manufacturers to meet the unique needs of your business. Schedule your complimentary on-site Plant Consultation by completing the form.

Making a Statement


Quality and consistency in flavor are essential; our proprietary methods, technologies, processes and software ensure our clients satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

Research and development leads to amazing advancements.

Exceptional flavor


LOCALLY focused

Quality & Reliability

unique process

Super Farm SAAS v1.0

Farm management software

Our goal is to perfect and manage the software systems to save you the headache of creating a software solution from scratch. The Super Farm SAAS Version 1.0 is priced competitively compared to other solutions but leaves the opportunity for you to focus on your farm.

Super Micro Greens (SMG) is pleased to offer our first small scale and commercial production software solution. Our focus has been on the systems and minimising inputs. Our systems are specialized for the first two weeks of plant growth. Grow a wide range of Micro Greens, as well as starts! SMG grows and delivers fresh Micro Greens fifty two weeks a year from our Indianapolis, IN location. 

Why Super Farm SAAS Version 1.0?

  • Real time traceability
  • Track employee activity
  • Perpetual inventory 
  • Works on any device connected to the web
  • Track plantings and harvests
  • Reporting about all your farms metrics
  • Long term development roadmap

Brochure Here

Example Table Data

Super Farm Shelf Version v1.0

Small scale and at home production shelf

Super Micro Greens (SMG) is pleased to offer our first small scale and at home production shelf. Our focus has been on the systems and minimising inputs. Our systems are specialized for the first two weeks of plant growth. Grow a wide range of Micro Greens, as well as starts!

The systems are designed to be modular. This allows you, the grower, many options for adjusting the system to your needs and environment. SMG grows and delivers fresh Micro Greens fifty two weeks a year from our Indianapolis, IN location.  With that being said we can guarantee that our systems will continue to advance along with the industry. 


Why Super Farm Shelf Version 1.0?

  • Automatic Watering (Down to the minute timing, zone specific)
  • Automatic Lighting (Down to the minute timing, zone specific)
  • Access schedules from your mobile device
  • Join a community of growers
  • 6 years worth of growing microgreens has gone into the development
  • Reduces Labor with automation and maintenance saving design features

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