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Why Sauce


Flavor is the root of good food add flavor to everything with the essential magic of "Lost in Da Sauce"

Jesse Hershberger
Executive Chef
Executive Flavor Architect
Ian Mott

Who we are?

Flavor is our passion so we want to share this passion with the world. Our team has been growing and making food for years. If you love food and unique flavors then welcome to your new family.

Executive Chef Jesse Hershberger oversees all production and maintains the highest standards. Flavor is the core of every product taste the difference in every bite and never go back.

We make small batch custom sauces for VIP clients, Collectors, Competitions and Special Events. Small batch goes main stream soon check back often for stores and more.

Jesse Hershberger Executive Chef overseas all production and maintains the highest standards for all our products.

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Sauce Flavor Profile

Spicy 40%
Sweet 60%
Umami 50%
Salty 40%
Bitter 5%

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