Super Farm SAAS v1.0?

We want to manage the systems so you can focus on using them on your farm. Our solution is competitive with more expensive systems that you must customize to your needs. Save the headache of a dedicated software solution and focus on your work.

1 Scale

Super Micro Greens (SMG) is pleased to offer our first small scale and commercial production software solution.

3 Plant & Harvest

Our focus has been on the systems and minimising inputs. Our systems are specialized for the first two weeks of plant growth.

5 Support

Super Micro Greens grows and delivers fresh Micro Greens fifty two weeks a year from our Indianapolis, IN location.

2 Payment

Simple annual subscription process

4 Process

Grow a wide range of Micro Greens, as well as starts!

Why Super Farm SAAS Version 1.0?

Use our app on any web accessible device; quickly setup your accounts and farm easily manage users. Provide access to regulators and inspectors in real time with regulator logins. Maintain records using perpetual inventory and activity logs for all transactions in the system. Mobile first designs with responsive data controls give you can use it on any device anywhere with webaccess.

Real time traceability

Track employee activity

Perpetual inventory

Works on any device connected to the web

Track plantings and harvests

Reporting about all your farms metrics

Long term development roadmap

Base Price $500/year:

The Super Farm SAAS Version 1.0 (SFSoftv1.0) is priced to be competitive vs other solutions.
The SFSoftv1.0 1 year license for 2 users is $500. Additional users are only $50/year and can be added at anytime. SFSoftv1.0 is priced to be reasonable for the small scale to commercial farmers.
This pricing model makes it accessible to small farmers and still allows us to support larger commercial operations.
Comparable solutions are several times our base cost and require lots of setup and customization


  • Micro Greens – This is the current primary use for the design and SMG’s production.
  • Starts – Germinating and developing the initial root ball is essential our process is optimized for this time period.
  • Clones – Cloning can be difficult our system simplifies many variables to increase results.
  • Grafting – Like cloning grafting can be difficult and can require unique settings. Since all settings are easy to adjust you can tailor the system to your plant family.



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