Why Choose Us

Our passion is good food and the sustainable technologies to produce good food. With micro scale product production every variable can be customized for clients needs. We not only grow the produce but we design, develop and build the technologies and methods used to produce them. Our proprietary methods are unique in the world. With our hands on approach to ever aspect of the products life cycles your guaranteed unparalleled service and quality.


Unique Methods

Over the last Six and a Half years we have developed a family of methods unique to Super Micro Greens. Our focus has been on flavor and consistency .


Expert Operators

Unique methods and technologies require expert operators. We train and maintain the highest standards possible.


Hands On

We meet with our clients regularly and keep a hands on approach to all our operations from production to deliveries.


Over 6 Years Research & Development

Using scientific and iterative methodologies to move the technology forward based on evidence.


Quality & Reliability

Growing products for the last two and half years has taught us how to maintain quality and consistency.



Flavor & Nutrition

Super Food Micro Greens focuses on having the best flavor and enhanced nutrition. Flavor is enhanced through our unique processes and methods.

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On Site Visit

Want to make a new recipe or add something to an existing one we are here to help.


Super Food

Design Custom Mix's

Super foods are not going away how can we work with you to make them a more common ingredient in everyday menus. Designing custom mix's to complement existing flavor profile and styles is one way we hope to super foods more accessible.



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