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About Us

Thank you to all our partners and stakeholders!

Mission statement

Cultivating self-empowerment in communities through education about health and nutrition. Producing the modular technology and methods to sustainably produce foods at prices the local community can afford. Super Micro Greens will change the world one seed at a time.

Who is Super Micro Greens?

A full-scale production and research farm in addition to being a leading systems developer. SMG has taken the conscious approach to vertically integrate every component possible. This provides us the unique opportunity to fine-tune our systems in numerous ways never before possible. We are committed to solving the issues of produce production with iterative design and process control.

Super Micro Greens talks to SueStainable Action


Right downtown Indianapolis (hyper local)

What is hyper local? Within 20 miles from production to consumption.

We are Super Micro Greens, We Know Flavor!

When you taste our products the difference in flavor is striking. We grow for flavor and not for transportation. Focus on the plant’s needs and the resulting flavor will amaze you. We meet or exceed all organic standards which means you are tasting the seeds and water that is all.

Should your food taste good?


We use some photos from other companies on this site. Photos from: True Leaf Market are used with permission for the purpose of marking seeds and their uses.


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