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American Medical Association: “AMA policy recognizes that physical or verbal violence between law enforcement officers and the public, particularly among Black and Brown communities where these incidents are more prevalent and pervasive, is a critical determinant of health and supports research into the public health consequences of these violent interactions.”

Police violence has been an issue for a long time in this country and many others. We call on all Americans and members of the world community to call out injustice and hold our officials accountable. Accountability means every single officer every single hour of the day is being respectful, peaceful, and honoring the oath of their office. All citizens are responsible for policing the police if you see cops breaking the law report them to the FBI. More info about FBI and Civil Rights Here

Years of injustice and systematic violence have created a wealth of issues between the police and communities they are supposed to serve. All law enforcement officers have the responsibility to hold fellow officers to higher standards. 

People in our communities are afraid to go outside for fear of the police. 

This is unacceptable. 

We must work together to reform our institutions and make restitution to the victims. 

This is a critical moment in history we must all push humanity into the future of equitable systems for all.

We all deserve justice, respect, and dignity. No person has dignity if we all do not have social equity. 


NAACP Legal Defense Fund



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