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Next level unlocked! Everyone in our operation have no completed @cornelluniversity Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training course!!! Few weeks out for our site inspection and we will be GMP Certified!!! We are also incorporating all of this into our employe manual and business plan!!! This will allow us to offer the guidelines and templates for anyone wanting to start a small farm!!! All of this will be included with our small farm management sowtware!! #microgreens #leadbyexample #smallbusinesslife #encouragement #enlightenment

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Surprisingly didn’t take many photos this past weekend at @bourbonandbeyond. Mad props to all the Chefs that participated! @mvoltaggio @bryanvoltaggio @grahamelliot @chefamandaf @chefjosesalazar @asobel @ruffchesty @chefanthonylamas @chefbrookew @chefedwardlee (are at MW…amazing!) @jamiebiss @jonathanksearle (proof was an amazing experience!) @chefjustinsutherland @kelseybarnardclark @mattabdoo @ouitamichel @sarahumankaledog @tiffanithiessen It was an absolute pleasure cooking with y’all! And I really appreciated the shout outs for the farm! Keep sharing your stories!! #supermicrogreens Also thank you for the feedback on my sauce, @hipstersauces for those that were able to try. #chefsofinstagram #chef #boredcheflife #bourbonandbeyond #topchef #ironchef

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When we help ourselves to become more whole…..then we have more to share with our communities. Start with self care. Find your passions and create!! Learn to build something! Grow something and share it….let everyone know how it feels! Let’s plant a better you to share with those we care about to build a more healthy us!!! Find your seed to plant with the world and create a new growth of change! #plant #supermicrogreens #dailymotivation #inspire #live #quote #goals

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Farro salad with roasted tomatoes and shallots, tossed with diced fresh pea tendrils, topped with a fresh pea shoot salad, glazed salmon, side of green goddess dressing using pea shots as the key flavor component…….seriously…get some!!! This is how you bring the product into the dish instead of just a garnish!!! Super nutritious and delicious!!! #rawfood #raisingthebar #foodstagram #foodporn #dinner #salad

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