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Educational Reservoir Kit


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This kit has all the plumbing and control elements your other kits will need. With quick assembly, you can be watering Micro Greens in no time. We recommend clean tap water; changed once a week for optimal results. Enjoy growing with your students/family/community and focus on the fun parts.

Grow Micro Greens in your home/office/classroom with this easy kit.

  1. Fill reservoir 2/3 way full of clean tap water
  2. place pump in the reservoir
  3. connect air stone to air pump
  4. place air stone inside the reservoir
  5. Connect the water line to the water valve and pump
  6. Connect the water line to the top level of the layer stack (See Educational Micro Green Layer Kit)
  7. plug air stone into the wall
  8. Setup WIFI timer
  9. Plug pump into wifi timer
  10. Test Pump

Used with 3-5 layers of the Educational Micro Green Layer Kit depending on your setup.

Kit contains:

  • Reservoir
  • Pump
  • Water Line
  • Water Valve
  • WIFI Timer
  • Air Pump
  • Air Stone


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