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Single Layer Educational Micro Green Kit


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Grow Micro Greens in your home/office/classroom with this easy kit. Each kit has everything need to start growing! Each layer cascades into the next making stacking and unstacking easy. Cascading reduces the number of connections and pumps. The lightweight and strong PVC frame is designed for quick easy assembly by students of all ages. Simple push connections for almost every part.

  1. Assemble the PVC frame
  2. Attach lights using connectors
  3. Place grow platter
  4. Attach plumbing connectors
  5. Connect the water line to the top level of the layer stack (See Educational Reservoir Kit)

Used with a reservoir kit for every 3-5 layers depending on your setup.

Kit contains:

  • PVC Structure Components
  • PVC Cascade plumbing connection for stacking
  • Grow Platter
  • Lights
  • Connectors for Lights
  • Power Supply for lights
  • Plumbing Connectors


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